Junior Raptors

The perfect starting point for any young racer! The Junior Raptor class is for kids from ages 4-14 and is a great fun class designed to give them the race track experience required to move up to a faster more competitive class. The cars can be any electric off-road based car and the track layout includes sections of the bitumen track as well as cutting across the grassed areas to keep it entertaining for the kids involved. To keep it even the club sets up a minimum lap time to ensure that all entrants can be competitive.

1/10 Electric Touring Cars

Four wheel drive high performance brushless touring cars are capable of very impressive speed. They feature a 4WD chassis and the power can be distributed via a belt or shaft drive system to rubber belted tyres. These cars run sedan bodies which are 190mm wide. There is a large variety of chassis available from a wide variety of manufacturers. Power is provided by three phase brushless motors and 7.4 volt LiPo battery packs. There are several different specifications of the brushless motors of which the club currently runs fixed timing 13.5 turn "blinky" class which provides a good compromise between speed and cost.

1/10 Nitro Touring Cars

The nitro touring car class features four wheel drive cars powered by a 2.1cc methanol two stroke motor. These motors are known to rev beyond 40,000rpm and produce an amazing amount of power for such a small motor. The cars are equiped with a centrifugal clutch and two speed gearbox that makes them capable of speeds in excess of 100kph. Foam tyres are used to ensure adequate grip and the body shells replicate common 4 door sedans.

1/8 Nitro Race Cars

The 1/8 scale nitro cars are regarded as the formula 1 of the radio controlled car racing. These cars are equipped with a 3.5cc motor coupled to an automatic two speed gearbox that propels these cars to 100kph in under two seconds flat! The bodies are designed to offer the maximum down-force possible and the large foam tyres give endless amounts of grip. These cars are not for the feint hearted!

1/5 Large Scale 510

Large scale cars offer amazing scale realism and fantastic ease of use. The 1/5 scale Mini class is a regulation class that see's every competitor using the same car with a limit on approved modifications - essentially a box stock class. The car that is used is the strong and reliable FG Modellsport Mini Cooper 4wd which is powered by a 26cc petrol two stroke engine. Due to the fact that all of the cars are essentially the same makes for some fantastic close racing and is a real spectacle to watch. This class also runs a control tyre to keep costs down and the racing close.

1/5 Large Scale Trucks

Another controlled class is the large scale trucks. Again using a FG Modellsport car - this time their 2wd truck chassis powered by a 23cc petrol 2 stroke engine. Several different body styles are used in the truck class and they look amazing racing around the circuit. As per the Mini Cooper class modifications are restricted so that everyone can stay competative and the construction of the vehicle ensures that they are extremely durable and cheap to run.

1/5 Large Scale Sedans

Undoubtedly the most high tech class in radio controlled car racing. The large scale sedan class is the closest thing to a real race car that you can get! These cars feature billet alloy suspension components, carbon fiber reinforcements, hydraulic disc brakes, limited slip differentials, rubber race tyres, tyre warmers and more! The 23cc petrol two stroke engines are modified to produce in excess of 7hp and rev to an amazing 24,000rpm!

1/5 Scale Motorbikes

Motorbikes offer a unique challenge to remote control racing - how do you keep them upright?! Engineers have come up with an array of different designs to alleviate this problem and they work very well. A different challenge to "drive" than an RC car but a very rewarding one at that. Most of the road bikes use lightly sprung steering combined with special geometry to provide impressive stability and performance. The off-road as well as some of the road bikes also incorporate a flywheel into the back wheel to enhance the stability of the bike.

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